Staff and Lecturer Program

About Staff and Lecturer Program

Programs are designed to facilitate international partners to serve the community in short-term programs and focus on culturally specific learning experiences. This program can be for-profit or non-profit. Volunteering programs can be carried out in various fields, such as education, culture, arts, social, economics, technology, health, and other fields.

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Our Staff and Lecturer Programs

  • Visiting Professor/Lecturer

    FEB UNAS welcomes international academics from accredited universities who hold master’s, doctoral and professional degrees with equivalent degrees to teach, lecture or perform on a topic through interaction with FEB UNAS colleagues for three to six months.


  • Visiting Researcher

    FEB UNAS welcomes applications from students, senior academics, professors, and researchers who wish to spend a month to a year at the faculty, exchanging expertise and conducting research with faculty members as their scientific colleagues.


  • International Joint Teaching

    Integrating your knowledge for undergraduate and postgraduate pathways with co-teaching programs. UNAS has established good partnerships with several leading academic institutions in the world. This condition makes UNAS open up opportunities for academics from various regions to conduct joint teaching programs with lecturers at FEB UNAS.


  • International Joint Seminar

    FEB UNAS launched the program by inviting speakers from abroad, especially from universities partnered with UNAS, to express ideas and share knowledge in online seminars. Participants can come from UNAS and students, lecturers, and employees of other universities.


  • Academic Staff Exchange

    This program is specifically designed to facilitate international academics, lecturers, and researchers to carry out various activities at FEB UNAS, especially for academic programs.